Contact Goosefish Press:

Please note that all of our consultations for wedding invitation work is done by appointment only. Please email rob@goosefishpress to schedule a time. We may not be open or available if you stop in unexpectedly.

If you would like to visit Goosefish Press please call ahead to make sure we are open, we’re usually open daily, but our hours are not always regular. It’s always best to call ahead or email to make sure we can host you.

Goosefish Press is located on Thayer Street at the 450 Harrison Avenue building in the SoWa neighborhood of Boston’s South End. Thayer Street is the pedestrian only walkway that runs between the 450 and 460 Harrison Avenue buildings. Goosefish Press is directly on Thayer Street, on the lower level of galleries about halfway down. Please feel free to call with any questions or email at rob@goosefishpress. To join the online mailing list and hear about events, products, and special promotions please email with the subject line Mailing List.

Free parking is available for visitors at 369 Albany Street, or 500 Harrison Avenue both in Boston, MA 02118 (for GPS users) with the exception of special events (including the SoWa Open Market which is every Sunday from May to October)

If you would like to call our phone is (617) 728-2822.

Our shipping and mailing address is:

Goosefish Press, Inc. 450 Harrison Ave, No. 65 Boston, MA 02118