Whether it’s for your business, or for yourself, letterpress stationery make a definitive impression to those who receive them. Personal stationery can make a great gift for members of a bridal party or bibliophiles of all sorts. Or, perhaps you just want some really nice thank you notes to let people know how much you appreciate them. We can do the graphic design work for you, or if you have an existing logo already we can incorporate that very easily.

Goosefish Press doesn’t just do weddings, if you need bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, shower, or party invitations we can do it all for you. Our custom designs are personalized no matter the event, and our letterpress printing lets everyone know how special the day will be. Do you have another project in mind? Contact us if you have bookplates, limited edition prints, or any other letterpress job in mind and we’re happy to discuss the options.